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5 Common Mistakes new employees make

1) Finding it difficult to work with other co-workers

Let’s admit it, as a new employee it mostly just seems like you’ve been put in a new place with so many strange faces and as humans it sometimes takes a while for us to integrate with the culture and establish connections. So most times new employees (especially shy and introverted ones) find it difficult to ask for help from colleagues, which is wrong.

2) Sending emails with ‘Kindly Find Attached’ without Attaching any file(s).

Everyone is guilty of this sometimes, but this mistake is mostly committed by new employees. I personally have experience of making this mistake more than once during the first few weeks of my 6-months internship. Emails like this can be so confusing for the receiver as they would be expecting to find a document attached, but won’t find anything.

3) Spending too much time on personal devices

As much as getting a new job can be over-whelming and exciting, most employees start to feel comfortable within the first few weeks of securing the job. They get complacent, and even spend much time on their devices snapping and sharing selfies from work to ‘pepper’ their unemployed friends. This is counterproductive and eats into productive time

4) Not being able to use Microsoft packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note) properly

There are three apps that every company, no matter how big or small, cannot do without using in a day. These apps are Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you’re a new employee who does not know how to use any of these apps properly, you might find it a bit difficult to enjoy work, and in worse case scenarios make mistakes that might cost your company alot of money.

5) Having an overall poor email culture

I personally know the story of a company which lost hundreds of customers and millions of naira in investment due to the poor email sending culture of one of its employees. So the gist goes that the employee sent an email to all its current customers WITHOUT blind-copying, such that all the customers could see the email address of one another. Long story short, one of the customers sent a malicious reply back to the company. Since all the other customers were copied in the email, they received the malicious message too, and that resulted in them pulling out their investment and costing the company millions of naira.

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