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Don’t Be A #LAWS Student

So you just graduated from a prestigious university in Nigeria. Congratulations my brother/sister. This is indeed an incredible feat and you deserve an award for achieving this. It takes an extra ordinary individual to survive 4-7 years of tertiary education in Nigeria without losing their sanity.

I’m sure you must have heard how challenging and difficult the outside world is and that the travesty and hardship of academic semesters and examinations is nothing compared to the real examinations of life (which has no course material). The university is meant to be a preparatory ground for the trails and travails of the real world and the labour market, but are you really prepared?

University education in Nigeria is becoming something close to a joke as the system no longer breeds youths that can weather the storm of unemployment and poverty. The youths cannot be blamed after all because their tertiary education system is based on archaic syllabuses drafted in the 80’s which can only be scaled through LA cram > LA pour > LA forget, principles which do not actually work in real life. Hence there has become a need for the average Nigerian student to become Versatile.

The truth is most university students do not actually identify this problem at an early stage and become what I call a LAWS (Life Afterschool Without Skills) students. This type of students, upon graduation, do not really know anything about anything else aside their course of study. They are not aware of the fact that there are no employment opportunities in Nigeria and believe that they would get a job when they graduate from the University. This type of students believe in a fantasy Nigeria wherein graduates from University get automatic appointments. For students like this, the reality dawns on them quite painfully and ‘post-emptively’ when they eventually graduate and cannot secure a job within their first 3years after school(except if you’re very lucky or very connected).

The fact remains that our dear country Nigeria does not have a plan for anybody, not even you. This means that you have to be your own government and fight for your own independence irregardless of the current state of the country and economy. At the end of the day, what really matters is not your certificate but what you are capable of doing, the abilities and skills which you have garnered over the years. My advice to you dear student is to not be a LAWS student. Learn a skill today!

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