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FREECON 2.0: SkillNG Freelancers Conference

According to recent Wonder Reports, the total addressable market for the global freelancing economy (also called Gig economy) stands at over $1.5 trillion! And it has been researched that over 77 million people have been formally identified as freelancers working across various sectors including: Technology jobs, Admin Support, Writing and translation, Design & Multimedia, Mobile, Sales and Marketing as well as Finance and Legal support. While African freelancing statistics stands at only 1.4% of the global statistics, there’s an increasing need for more professional freelancers due to massive job loss, unemployment crisis, economic recessions and of course, the pandemic. An average skilled freelancer earns $28 per hour according to CNBC reports, this brings more opportunity for millions of unemployed young people living in Africa to market their skills via hundreds of online freelancing platforms across the globe. While having a skill in tech, design, writing and so on makes it easier to access freelancing opportunities, it is also not enough! There is still a need for specialised freelancing skills you need to survive in the gig economy and that is why SkillNG launched FREECON, a freelancing conference that creates a platform where newbies can connect and learn from expert freelancers. Whether you are new at freelancing or you are just trying to get your hands around it, the freelancing world is ever changing and you will gain practical skills either to launch or advance your freelancing career.

What you are learning from the conference include but not limited to:

  • How to market yourself
  • A quick walk-through on how to use a tool or execute an idea
  • How to find clients
  • Receiving money as a freelancer
  • How to leverage on network opportunities, personal insights and experiences
  • General tips and words of freelancing wisdom


  • Freelancing connects giveaway
  • Practical session on getting accepted on Upwork


Date: April 10 & April 11, 2021

Time: 5.00PM Daily

Venue: Virtual (Recording will also be made available for registered participants)


Oche Writes (Content Expert)

Oche Writes is a digital marketing trainer who trains entrepreneurs, digital marketers and business owners to create content that builds brand.

His goal is to enlighten startups and already existing businesses on the amazing opportunities of using social media and engaging in content marketing.

He day trade attention and watch which digital platforms have underpriced attention so as to inspire brands to position on these platforms and gain traction.

Ore Afolayan (CEO, TOA Marketing)

Ore is passionate about accelerating Africa’s economic development through marketing, strategy and data.

Over the years, he has gained experience running a marketing agency, working with fintechs and consulting for brands on marketing and brand strategy.

Oluwaseyitan Awojobi (Founder, Developing Afrika)

Oluwaseyitan Awojobi is a technology enthusiast that works with Microsoft and she is the founder of Developing Afrika, a non-profit organization that empowers youths with entrepreneurial and self-development skills for free or at a discount. This was birth out of her passion for Africa and the African youth. She believes in the importance of skill empowerment, constant personal development and how Entrepreneurship plays a huge role in the development of the African economy. Over the past year, Developing Afrika has trained over 1000 youths and she continues to expand. Oluwaseyitan consults for small businesses teaching them practical ways to brand their businesses, increase sales and grow their businesses. Her passion for Data Science & technology helps her understand how by gathering data and identifying patterns in businesses, better business decisions can be made, which transcends customer satisfaction and business growth. She can be reached through: @OluwaseyitanAwojobi on all platforms

Oluwatomisin Olorunmaiye (Data Analyst)

Oluwatomisin Olorunmaiye is a Data Analyst that has worked with multiple consulting firms and on brands including MTN to provide analytics solution. He is well versed in the use of Microsoft Excel, Power BI and other data analysis and visualisation tools.

Kehinde Sobowale (Founder, Kenda Creations)

Kehinde Sobowale is one who has a very creative mind and always has a unique perspective when approaching issues due to her broad range of interests and hobbies. She is a designer and brand consultant. She designs and create brand strategy, brand designs, content strategy, marketing strategy, creative design and production, event/Interior branding at Kenda Creations. Kenda partner with brands (individuals and businesses) from all over Nigeria and the world to create high-value results through any stage of their development by understanding their needs and tailoring custom solutions for them. She has worked on creative projects and campaigns for brands like Pay Attitude, Three Crowns Milk, Pal Pensions, Maltina, Hypo, Peak Yoghurt, Total Cooperative, IHS, Samsung to mention a few and a host of other small-sized businesses. Her personal experiences and career struggles gave birth to Class o’clock with Kenda, a platform for training and equipping young creative and non-creative minds.

Daniel Adebola Adewusi (Top-Rated Freelancer)

Adebola is a customer engagements strategist who currently works as a freelance customer service professional. He has over 5 years of experience working across multiple industries including the Banking, IT, and Ed Tech sectors. Before going freelance, he worked as a bank teller, IT supports pro, Trainer, and even an Uber driver. In all his endeavors, one thing has remained constant for him, which is Customer Service. When he resigned from his last job as a Microsoft supports agent, he knew that core customer service was the next stop for him. He is a Top-Rated talent on Upwork.


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This class is free for people that have taken any classes with us this year. To claim your free slot, send a proof of your most recent paid class with SkillNG in 2021 here.

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