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Frontend Development Course Page

HTML, CSS and Bootstrap! The foundation of Beautiful Frontend Development.
The advent of COVID-19 brought to the fore the fact that we are in the digital age. More and more companies and individuals are seeking an online presence – a home – where they can express themselves and get their business to customers and users. A key home for businesses and people is a website.
The average Frontend Web Developer earns up to $200 per day. His major task is to make beautiful websites and their greatest tool is creativity!

This Cohort Is For You If….

  1. You are creative and really love making beautiful things
  2. You have a strong interest in gaining valuable digital skills but have no knowledge yet
  3. You have been learning frontend development through Coursera and other courses but are seeking a more practical, hands-on approach.
    Whichever group you fall under, rest assured, we’ve got you!

Here’s What You Will Be Able To Do After This Course

The goal is to do. So get ready to learn to do these after the cohort:

  • Create Eye-Catching Web Pages
  • Separate Content and Style
  • Build Modern Web Layouts
  • Build a Website with the business or brand in mind.
  • Finally,  Build your Personal Portfolio Website

What You Will Be Learning

  1. Module 1: Frontend Web Development -Getting Started
    1. Resources for Frontend Development
    2. Class Project Selection and Design
    3. HTML tags
  2. Module 2: Introduction to CSS
    1. Inline, Internal and External CSS
    2. The Design in CSS
    3. Addition of CSS to Class Project
  3. Module 3: Design Thinking Process:
    1. Understanding the pain points of your users to create a functional Frontend.
    2. Apply Design Thinking to Class Project
  4. Module 4: Bootstrap – Firing up our styling
    1. Get Bootstrap
    2. Learn Bootstrap Selectors
    3. Switch out some style in the Class Project for Bootstrap
  5. Module 5: Finishing up the Class Project
  6. Module 6: Building your Frontend Web Portfolio

What Do I Need For The Cohort

  1. A laptop
  2. Internet Access
  3. An IDE (Download Visual Studio Code here)

Is the Cohort Online?

Yes. The cohort is both online and onsite. The cohort is tutor-led which means you’ll be taught by experienced web development experts. The tutor will make use of Zoom and Google classroom for online sessions while the onsite will make use of the SkillHub(Ibadan). The cohort lasts for 8 sessions in 4 weekends, each weekend has 8 hours of intensive and interactive class.

How Much Does the Cohort Cost?

N20,000  only for Nigerians| $60 only for International Students

What Other Benefits Do I Get?

There is an internship programme after the cohort, where you get to practice what you have learnt with top startups and design companies around. Also, the cohort will cover the Business of Frontend Development – how to get jobs. You will also receive information on communities around you that can foster your professional growth.

 Lastly, you will join SkillNG’s Alumni network and Support group where you’ll have access to continuous support and job opportunities.

I Want To Register

To register, kindly make payment to the provided account details below. (For International Students, click on “Evidence of Payment” the registration form below for alternative payment options) :

Bank name: UBA
Account Name: SkillNG Integrated Services
Account Number: 1021398295

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