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How about #SkillforEqual?

We Believe That An Equal World Is A Skill Enabled World.

So much has changed in the quest for a more equal world, and while we have recorded some worthy successes, so much more has remained the same. Most of the women in the world still have fewer choices and a restricted route to financial independence. This helps no one. According to data from the McKinsey Global Institute Report of 2015, advancing gender equality could increase the world’s GDP by as much as $12 trillion!

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) is I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights. The campaign theme, on the other hand, is #EachforEqual, which is apt because an equal world is a world that effectively channels the manifold gifts of every member of society to create opportunities that move humankind forward as a collective.

Which is why at SkillNG, our campaign theme for IWD2020 is #SkillforEqual. The world is increasingly global, and the borders that separate countries continue to dissolve in the way that we work especially as it relates to current and emerging roles in Tech. It is possible to be a Data Scientist in Nigeria and be employed by a company in Switzerland, for example. A Nigerian Web Designer can be part of a team building great stuff in the United States. Technology as a constantly growing sector opens up a world of opportunities and options in a way that a lot of sectors don’t.

However, it is concerning that there simply aren’t enough women taking advantage of these opportunities due to a range of factors from social and cultural to institutional.

In both the United Kingdom and the United States, women in tech make up only about 20% of the workforce. Data suggests that this year in the USA alone, there will be over 1 million computer science related job openings. If women are not actively integrated into the sector, there will be an abysmal skill and capacity gap.

The #SkillforEqual campaign is our challenge to you to position yourself by acquiring the skills necessary to leverage on this technology boom. As a woman, your gender does not preclude you from becoming a Graphics Designer, a Product Designer, a Coder, or a Developer. Who you are should not be a noose around your neck that pulls you away from your own becoming.

#EachforEqual #SkillforEqual

And it’s not just words for words sake. It is words backed by an action plan.

SkillNG is a skill development platform that provides skill development training that help you tap into the digital and technology landscape. We believe that in order to have an equal world, it is imperative that we have a skilled world, one where women are not impeded from accessing skills that are viewed as being for men either overtly or covertly; a world where women have access to develop themselves and tap into the global economy in ways that help them become financially independent; a world where every gender is adequately represented in Tech and judged on the basis of their output and not their gender.

#SkillforEqual is possible, and it begins with YOU.

Happy International Women’s Day 2020!
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