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How it Works

Using SkillNG is easier than operating your WhatsApp and we mean it.


SkillNG is a private skill tutoring platform. Basically we link those who want to learn any type of skill to our ever growing database of people that can teach those skills. What we offer is the feature to learn at your convenience, with cheaper budget and very flexible training sessions.



So, let’s assume you want to learn Graphics Designing, what you just have to do is filling out the form here requesting for a tutor. We will ask you the skill you want to learn, your location, your budget and other few personal information.

And that is it! The next thing for you is to sit back and await one of our Manager’s call to give you your tutor’s details and discuss other training logistics with you.



Are you competent in a skill? And you would like to be added to our tutor’s database? It is also very simple, just fill out the here where we will request for your personal details, the skills you have and your minimum and maximum budget for teaching the skills and you are done!

Sit back and expect our manager’s call to take through the verification process.


You see, it is that simple.

You might want to check out our FAQ page for more info.

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