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Learn Motion Graphics Using After Effects With SkillNG & The Central Academy

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics takes graphic design that would be otherwise static and gives it animation and movement, usually without following a specific narrative. While there Motion Graphics is different from Animation, they often intersect at many points. And you can read up the relationship between both here.

What Am I Learning?

The Basics of Motion Graphics in the world of After Effects


  • How to Install After Effects
  • The possibilities of the software

Shape and Solid Layers

  • Solid Layers
  • Shapes
  • Layer styles
  • Shape Effects

Kinetic Typography

  • Text animation
  • Background animation
  • Export
  • Assignment

After Effect Basics

  • The interface and Composition
  • Importing and Important tools
  • Squares, Circles, Alignment, and Colour
  • The timeline and Layer transformation

Follow Up

  • Link to free course
  • Link to free templates
  • Link to plugins
  • Free consultation sessions


  • Keyframes
  • Position, Size, and Rotation
  • Easy Ease and Motion Blur
  • Graph Editor
  • Bouncing Ball Assignment
  • Bouncing Ball Solution

What Do I need?

  • A laptop (windows 8 minimum)
  • Adobe After Effect CC (Don’t worry about that, we will teach how to download it)
  • A flair for design (or an open mind if you do not have any design background).

As A Motion Graphics Designer, How Can I monetize the Skill?

You can work in animation and TV firms where you can work on title sequencing and other related motion graphics projects. You can also work in advertising agencies as a content creators for different clients’ campaigns . Most motion graphics designers work as freelancers taking independent projects from businesses and using freelancing platforms like Upwork and others.

Deadline for Registration

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Fee and Registration

If you think Motion Graphics is for you, register by paying N5,000 into the account details below:

Bank Name: UBA
Account Name: SkillNG
Account Number: 1021398295


Pay Online Via Paystack

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