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Learning a New Skill⁠—My SkillNG Experience

As every job seeker in Nigeria knows, employers are in the market of “buy one, get five free”. That is, when they put out a vacancy for one role, they actually expect the person to be able to take up a number of roles that in saner climes, should have other people filling those positions.

Think, girl. Think!

But when you find yourself in Rome, every sharp person knows to behave like the Romans, and that is what brought the epiphany upon me—I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO LEARN MORE SKILLS!

Let me tell you, no matter how great you are at what you do, you need to up your game every now and then to maintain your relevance and avoid becoming redundant. Asides from that, an impressive CV will take you places, and you know what goes in your CV? Well, it’s certainly not how fast you can finish three hot wraps of Àmàlà from Amala Skye. They want to see the relevant skills you possess, as it shows them to an extent that they can trust you to get the job done.

As a sharp girl, I decided that it was high time I gathered more skills in relation to what I can already do. The first stage in my confusion was knowing what skills I needed to know, and the second stage was where to learn these skills.

A few Google queries and I had a list of skills I needed to learn to be able to do my job better and make myself more employable. The second stage was however not that easy to deal with.

Of course, the most obvious thing was to use one of the numerous online platforms to learn these skills. I tried that, and I am here to tell you that if your attention span wavers easily, and if you would rather hand on lessons, then those online platforms are not for you.

What to do then? If you live in Ibadan, then you know that the options are limited for a lot of things, but my good God said, “Not this time around.” for this one, as I stumbled across SkillNG!

A few enquiries from a close friend made me realize that they have exactly what I need, but I was a little doubtful, as per the human condition, you know? Seeing is believing anyway, so I contacted the director, Mr. Oredola Ibrahim and we fixed a day for me to come over to the learning space.

Happy dance things!!!

It’s just February, and it is my second week into my course in Digital Marketing, and I can already say that coming to learn at SkillNg is one of the best decisions I made for myself this year.

The environment is learning friendly and the best part has to be that I don’t feel like I’m in ‘school’. The approach to learning is refreshingly different and I am having a swell time! I even look forward to doing my assignments, which is really strange seeing as I think assignments are from the devil, but these ones are fun!

My SkillNG experience has been amazeballs, and it’s a good thing they offer training for all the skills I need to learn; might as well tick things off that list.

Featured Image: Ata rodo skills

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