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My Journey into Product Design—Muhammad

My journey into product design started as a result of the need to have a skill with a prospect in the future. Meanwhile I was at that time doing my Masters in an unrelated field, History, at the University of Ibadan. I started with attending a boot camp that enlightened me on what Product design is all about, the prospects and the industry. I was still a whack at the end of that boot camp but I already developed an intense interest in the field.

I began to learn on my own through articles and videos. I soon realized that I am not making significant progress. With the societal pressure of being a graduate and getting a job, I needed to act fast or just get an unsatisfactory job and move on with life. I learnt about the importance of tutor-led training, mentorship and design communities. These, I maximized to a great extent by searching and reaching out to Senior colleagues in the field on LinkedIn, Twitter and Slack, from whom I have learnt a great deal.

Replicating designs for practice also boosted my skills and experience—Dribbble and Behance were my plugs. I also participated in some Design Challenge and began to post some of my designs for criticisms and reviews on the design communities I belonged to. The feedbacks really helped shaped me.

As at this moment, I work as a freelancer and so far I have about three live projects, while another three are currently in development stage, that’s aside some demo projects I did. The key thing is resilience. You’ve to dedicate time and resources to your development. While I spent more than a year learning, some got a job within six month of learning. It all depends on you.

Our next cohort for Graphics and User Interface Design Class is starting in a week’s time.

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