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FEELING STATION: Here is What Happened

A participant at the recently launched FEELING STATION; the co-play arm of SkillNG was heard saying “it appears that MESSI has taken another form in the city of Ibadan”.

In retrospect, I also felt no one could be this skilled at what he does than a talented Messi or a trained Ronaldo. Talented or Trained, SkillNG is armed with skills and is spreading the skills across the continent.

On Sunday, June 23, 2019, Feeling station was launched at the SkillHub, the home base of the popular skill spreader SkillNG in Ajibode, Ibadan. Feeling Station has come to provide a balance between work and play life. The CEO, Mr Ibrahim Oredola was quoted saying: “we have come to realize the need for deliberate efforts to ensure workforce across Nigeria, Africa and the World meet to develop themselves and at the same time feel in the gap for the pleasure with top level maturity, decency and quality networking”.

The launch commenced with a game session where participants were first made to participate in a brain stimulating problem solving session to earn their tickets to the film show. Though this session was quite short, the participants fascinated by the icing of the cake almost mistook it for the main cake.

The networking session came almost immediately after the game session. A conducive networking atmosphere was facilitated for the participants to get to meet one another. Though unofficial report has it that most participants are still single (quite complicated situation). Student across faculties in the University of Ibadan were present as well as other dedicated Ibadan based decent fun seekers.

The Film show

Seeing “Fahrenheit 451” was an intensely educating and fun filled session. Perhaps readers should also be placed in the dilemma of choosing between Freedom and Happiness. Better still, readers should express affirmation or otherwise for the thought “Never win by force what can be won by deception; People love to be deceived”.

If you missed the film show, here is a quick summary. Just imagine a scenario where all the books in the world are burnt. Now imagine a situation where someone who has been burning books now has to burn himself to save books. Imagine a situation where all you have to is to imagine because there is absolutely nothing to read.

The day ended on a sad happy note. Participants took solace in their anticipation for subsequent editions.
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