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Pick Up Digital Skills; Do It With SkillNG

It is not news that digital products are being consumed like gala in Lagos traffic, and as such, the demand for them has increased. A large percentage of the population has moved to the digital plane, so naturally, most of the things that happen in the physical world happen digitally now.

People make friends online using the different social media products available, people sell things online, people have meetings online…everything is becoming digitalized now! What a time to be alive, isn’t it?

As a result of this shift, people have started upskilling themselves to catch up with the changes, because it is either that, or they become redundant. In other words, having digital skills and learning how to use digital products is a survival skill.

In terms of employability, employers are on the lookout for someone that can make use of the various digital products available to carry out their duties more efficiently and produce better results. Digital skills such as the ability to use Excel, graphics designing, social media marketing, blogging, etc. are highly sort after by companies. The market is competitive enough without the extra clause of wanting someone that has a number of digital skills (job seekers know how it is). But now that that particular clause has been thrown into the mix, the competition has become a little more confined to certain people (the one’s that possess the required digital skills), and because humans are nothing if not adaptable, more people have started learning digital skills.

Pick it up, baby, pick it up!

Now that the world has tuned in into the amazingness that is digital products, there is a need to learn these skills, which opens up a new spot to be filled- digital skills trainers. There are just so many people that want to learn these skills, and so many platforms in which they can receive the required training, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all these people are getting trained. This could be as a result of a number of reasons. For example, the platforms available to a person might not be suitable for them to learn. A typical example is of people that don’t like to learn online and will rather have a physical class.

And this brings us to the main point of this article-Doing it with SkillNG . If you reside in Ibadan, and you have been looking to learn a digital skill, or two digital skills for a while now, and you have given yourself a number of excuses for not learning them like, “I don’t want to learn online”. “All the good things are in Lagos.”, it is time to set those excuses on fire.

Every excusé!

SkillNG is a gift that keeps giving for those that reside in Ibadan as it offers the finest range of digital training taught by experienced tutors. It offers you the option of learning online or with a physical tutor. If you live in Ibadan and you want to learn a digital skill at a pocket friendly price, SkillNG is where you want to go, and best believe that you will be getting your money’s worth.

What are you waiting for?

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