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The Story of How my Roommate Almost Got Scammed

A True-Life Story

My roommmate wants to buy a car in 2020. So he has been on the lookout for opportunities and ways to make enough money to buy one.

And no, he doesn’t have a job, or any high income skills. Just a dream that he wants to wish to reality, a dedication to the cause and more dreams of him driving around UI in his dream car.

So one day, he gets a message from an old time friend of his who is a dropout and his known for being involved in “shady business”:

Friend: Guy howfar? Wetin you still dey do for school?

My roommate: Omo I just dey push o. But I get one thing like that wey I wan achieve this year.

Friend: Wetin be that?

My roommate: O boy I wan buy car this year ni jare. I don dey pray and reason how I go take do am.

Friend: Eh you no sey I dey do Gee abi? I get one nice gig for you wey go help you make the kin money you need.

My roommate: Ehn ehn. Tell me about am na

Friend: So me and my guys just finish one scam for U.S. Na credit card scam. We don get over 100 credit cards from dead military men in America, and each card has $10,000. Now because all these credit cards are too much for me and my guys, we wan give am out to friends for low price. All you need to do is send me N55,000 and I go send you one credit card wey get $10,000 ontop am

My roommate: Mad O. O Boy thank you very much. I go find ways to gather the money send to you

This is a rough summary of the conversation my roommate had with his “Friend”.

He was already in the process of securing the full funds with him being shy of just N10,000 when he asked me for a loan… and that is how I found out about the entire setup.

When he told me the story, I was initially convinced, it was a very convincing story – His friend who was a Yahoo boy wanted to sell off some credit cards he had obtained from his Yahoo activities. Pretty clear and cut story with credit alerts and screenshots of thousands of dollars in his friend’s account to show for it.

However, after further analysis, I figured that my roommate wasn’t about to be an accomplice to a scam, he was to become the scam itself.


Why would anyone,in their right mind, want to give out $10,000 for just N55,000 only?

It just did not make any sense.

I advised him not to participate in the deal, but he was still not convinced. So he asked another friend of his who was into “things like that too” and that one told him the deal was actually a scam.

And he decided not to invest in it.

Afterwards, I told him that his dreams are valid. If he wants to buy a car this year, it is possible but he has to do just one thing:

Invest in himself and his personal development to learn high income skills that he can monetize to get constant streams of income.

It is understandable that times are hard, but Get-Rich-Quick Schemes will NOT make things better. Infact they only make things worse.

You can’t become rich overnight, it hasn’t happened before, at least not legally.

My roommate raised close to N50,000 to invest in a scam. Imagine how well things would have been for him if he had invested that type of money in his personal development.

As a young person, the best thing you can do for yourself is to Upskill and learn how to Monetize your skill, and SkillNG is the right plug for you.

Don’t invest in Get-Rich-Quick Schemes. Invest in yourself instead.


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CAVEAT: Please note that this story is NOT just an advert, but is based on true-life experiences and events. Learn from it

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