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Website Design Training


Application Deadline

Selection is on rolling basis, once the slots are filled up, the offer closes.

Who is this for?

This training is strictly for University of Ibadan Students, preference is given to students who  are entrepreneurs but we may still shortlist you if you wish to learn website design to start making money.

About The Training

In this training, you will learn how to design beautiful and responsive websites for your business yourself! This is a training you will normally pay N20,000 for but in a bid to support student entrepreneurs, we are offering it for free. Although you will be required to pay a stipend of N1000. This is to enable us plan the training, get your training manual and pay for any other incurred logistics . Of course this is ridiculously almost nothing compared to what you will learn in this training.

I don’t know How to Code?

Do not worry about not being a technical person.  In fact, you do not need to learn or write a single line of code before you can design standard websites. At least, if you know how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you can learn how to design websites. Simpler than you think.

Will I be able to design a website after the training?

We guarantee you will be able to design your company website after the training. You normally would have paid a web designer a minimum price ranging between 50,000 Naira – 150,000naira to get this done for you but after  this training, you would have designed your company website yourself. 100% Practical!

What if I can’t still design after the training?

This will not happen by the way but in case, we will offer you a sincere apology for your time and return your N1,000.

This offer sounds too good to be true! Are you for real

Well, the training is sponsored by National Association of Nigerian Students, Oyo State in partnership with  SkillNG and  Project Q Nigeria .They have paid on your behalf. So it is 100% real.

How many Students will be selected

Just 50 students will be picked for this training.

Why just 50?

We want a class that can  be effectively monitored.

I am female entrepreneur . Do I stand a chance?

In fact we are looking forward to having equal slots for both  male and females so you stand a good chance!

What do I bring for the training?
 Your laptop only

How do I register

Simply fill the form below

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