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When we talk about skills, let your minds not be narrowed

[SkillNG]–Formal education is important, however, learning a skill is much more important. Many people today cannot find a place in the labour market because they cannot say for sure that this is the skill they have neither are they willing to bring anything to the table of employment. Studying a particular course is not enough, you have to be skilled in your field. You can study Law and still not be skilled in the nitty-gritty of the law.

When we talk about skills, let your minds not be narrowed to welding, tailoring and hairdressing alone.  Skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become expert in it. These skills also include data analysis, marketing, Graphics, Content creation and development, Photography, audio and video editing, TV and Radio Presentation, Research and market analysis, Hardware and software development to mention but a few. A good percentage of these skills are not taught in our schools, even if they did, it would just be in passing. It is left for the individual to identify which area fascinates him/her the most and acquire expertise in such area.

Apparently, managing your own account on your different social media platform is a skill you can perfect; over 95% percent of businesses in Nigeria have one social media account or the other and they require people to manage it for them. Social Media Managers are seriously in great demand!

Having few skills is never enough in this competitive age, because, while you are thinking you own a skill, there are over a thousand others who know it even better than you can imagine. You can’t beat everyone in your locality, not to mention your local government, state, nation or the world. The bottom line is always make sure you have an extra edge. This extra edge could be a great interpersonal skill, an extra skill and a host of others.

Businesses are in great demand of skill owners! What’s your skill? If you are yet to find one, or want to learn one, we can help you can you an expert to train you at your own pace and convenience.

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