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Why You Should Consider learning Data Science

If you’re reading this, I would like to assume that some time in the near past you heard about Data science and how it is one of the most important skills in the world at the moment. You’re curious. You wonder, why is this skill highly demanded? how can you get started?

Fret not my friend, in this article I share with you as much information that I know about data science, why you should consider starting a career in data science and most importantly, how to get started!

So let’s get to it!

First things first….

What’s Data Science?

According to Adebayo Oshingbesan, the facilitator we had for our recently concluded Online Money Webinar organized in partnership with Tell!, Data Science involves the manipulation, analysis and use of data to make business decisions.

Seems vague? Let me clarify

Why do you think companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter are currently billion dollar companies? Well let me tell you. These companies are in the business of manipulation, analysis and use of data to make business decisions.

For instance, when you’re shopping for a certain product1 on Amazon or any other e-commerce websites, you usually get a suggestion titled ‘You May Also Like’ xxx product which, 70% of the time, you actually also do like xxx product.

Mi lords and mi ladies, that is not magic or African juju. THAT IS DATA SCIENCE.

Here’s Why You should consider a career in Data Science

Alright, now that you know what Data Science is, here are 5 reasons why you should consider learning data science.

1. Data Science is a highly demanded skill

According to LinkedIn, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analysis and Scientific Computing are some of the top 10 most needed skills in 2020. All these skills have Data science as a common prerequisite for getting started. According to Indeed, demand for data scientists increased by 29% year-on-year and has increased 344% since 2013. In short, learning data science would make you relevant and in-demand in the job market in 2020 and beyond.

Na dem Go dey rush You!

2. Data Science is a High Income Skill

According to a Dice Salary Survey, the average data scientist earns about $109,000 per year. Let me help you with the Maths, that’s equivalent to ₦43.3 million per year, or ₦3.6million per month. Of course this depends on which area you choose to apply your skills in, either for employment or for freelance or for entrepreneurship. Once you learn data science, you can start making money IMMEDIATELY through Freelancing. In fact, the facilitator we had on Data Science during our Online Money Webinar, Adebayo Oshingbesan, said he had made over $1,000 within 3 months just from freelancing as a data scientist.

3. Data Science enables you to work in any Industry

Irregardless of your course of study in the University, a career in data science can make you relevant in any industry. The world is currently in a position where there is more than enough data to enable businesses make better decisions, optimize sales and reduce costs. If your skills as a data scientist can enable businesses to do this, you will be able to secure a job in any industry.

4. Data Science is the Sexiest Job in the 21st Century


Because of the role data science plays in helping companies make better business decisions, being a company’s data scientist comes with alot of benefits including prestige and respect. You get to be the employee that tells the bosses what to do. Pretty cool uhn? 😎

5. Data Science is Not Hard to Learn


I’m quite certain one of the major reasons you have been skeptical about going into Data Science is the fear of Programming. Well, I’m here to alleviate those fears and let you know that Data Science is EASY, and it is evolving so fast that these days there are powerful tools that exist that if properly mastered, you won’t need to learn programming to unlock your Data Science super-powers.

However, If you’re more interested in starting from scratch and learning programming, with the right instructor and you should be a full stack Data Scientist within 3-4 months of learning data science.

How Do You Get Started?

Fortunately, we currently have classes on Data Analytics, Python Programmingand Machine Learning coming up during this COVID-Lockdown period to give you the unique opportunity to make your dream of becoming a Data Scientist come true!.

Our instructor is a highly experienced data scientist with over 5 years experience in data science on a professional and freelance basis. He has certifications from Microsoft, University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School Of Business.

Put the free time you currently enjoy to good use by registering for this MasterClass.

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