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Workforce development with less stress

At the core of our vision is empowering young people with industry related skills to allow them function optimally in the labour market.

In line with this, one of our very important training package is the “Employability Readiness Training” where we take Youths alike through the dynamics of modern day job hunting. It has been widely reported that 80% of the unemployed Nigerian youths are unemployable. However, at SkillNG, we have found out that in many cases, this may not be true as majority of our young job seekers are simply ignorant on how to smartly look for job, write compelling cvs and how to package themselves for interview sessions. Because of this, they often leave bad impressions on HR personnel.
We launched the training to solve this problem. Through the employability training, we take participants through how to effectively search for vacancies, how to write write cvs and cover letters, how to prepare and ace interviews. We don’t just stop here, we also go further in training them on emotional skills they will need to retain their jobs and we give them useful tips on how to start their early career.

As the world evolves, most businesses and professions have gone through, or are at least preparing for, a certain degree of digital transformation. It is plain to see that acquiring digital skills and gaining new qualifications is the key to success in the modern-age, a failure to keep up with times could prove disastrous. Over the past few decades, companies in industries across the world have digitized their operations and processes. Even now, businesses are employing artificial intelligence to streamline workflows and supply chains. In the modern workplace, digital skills are highly valued and the digital age is fast expanding into all fields. Therefore, it is not just those who work in IT that will need to be equipped with the skills. All jobseekers today require specialized skills to help them stand out from the crowd. And this why we have launched the “Employee Onboarding Training” where we train graduates, jobseekers and company employees in specialised emotional, professional and digital skills that will enable the multiply their productivity at the workplace.

“Entreprenuership Launch Pad Training” is the 3rd training in our workforce programme where we prepare aspiring and young entrepreneurs for the world of business. The curriculum covers such topics as business plan writing, the art of pitching, applying for grants, loans and other source of funding opportunities and so on. The objective of this training is to birth entrepreneurs who have what it takes to build valuable and imapctful businesses in their community.

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